Joshua Randolph Germita

$20 hour
I am a former Test Engineer in the Philippines where we test agricultural machineries in compliance to Philippine standards, a former Research Associate that worked on QGIS, a mapping tool, to visually report impacts of natural phenomenon to agricultural lands. I taught lower-year kids before in Math (Basic Algebra, Geometry), and Physics as well.
Subjects: Mathematics, Physics

I have taught kids as part of our senior-year high school requirement where I handled Math classes. I have an Engineering degree from the Philippines’ premiere state university, having a good foundation on physics and Engineering Mechanics. My Philippine degree was evaluated by the World Education Services (WES) Canada as equivalent to a 4-year, bachelor’s degree here.

Joshua Randolph M. Germita


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Major in Agrometeorology and Farm Structures

Specialized in GIS and Remote Sensing

Graduated June ‘18

Work Experience: 

Jun. 2019 – Nov. 2020

Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center – UPLB

Project Assistant III/Test Engineer

Tested agricultural machineries in compliance with Philippine standards to ensure its quality and performance fits the requirements of the land.

Mathematics from gr. 7-9, Physics from gr. 7-9

July 2022

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